Used building machines, trucks and industrial machines

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About us

Dear customers,

Welcome to our new building machines bazaar with the size of 100,000.- m2, situated on the former airport next to the road E 49 from Pilsen to Karlovy Vary (12 km from PIlsen).

You can find permanent selection of more then 150pcs checked used building machines, trucks and industrial machines. Our employees will present you any chosen building machine or you can check it yourself.

In case of your interest we are ready to mediate you financing through our leasing partners of the chosen building machine.

You can find the following used building machines in our bazaar: excavator loaders, belt mining excavators, wheel mining excavators, graders, finishers, mini excavators, walking excavators, trucks: Tatra, Avia, Liaz, cranes, special cars, and carboy wagons.

We will transport your building machine to the place of destination.

We also purchase all building machines, trucks and industrial machines. We pay immediately and we transport the machines on our costs.

We purchase and trade in all building machines and crane trucks AD80,16,20,28,Tatra UDS 114, 214